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Kitchen cabinets are something you use every day, yet you probably never take the time to appreciate them. They seem simple enough, but there is actually more than plenty involved behind the scenes. This site is dedicated to sharing our vast consumer knowledge on materials, finishes, door designs, and even information on hardware.

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There are many things to consider regarding cabinets nowadays. Whether you are replacing or looking to reface, we are here to help. The best place to begin your search for information on our site would be our Library, where you can find many topics on cabinetry such as:

  • The most common materials; wood, metal, plastic, and glass.
  • Popular species like Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Pine, and Birch wood.
  • Storage options, bins, baskets, lazy susans, drawers and more.
  • Hardware options with information on all the popular styles of pulls, knobs and door handles.
  • Refacing versus replacing.
  • Differences between stock and custom cabinets.

If you would like to get an idea of what different designs might look like in your home, you can view our Photo Gallery.

Materials, Styles, and Designs

With all the different types of cabinets on the market today, you'll want to look around first. Once you decide on the material and finish you desire, you can narrow your search down from there. The major manufacturers like Merillat, Kraftmaid, Aristokraft, Thomasville and others make wood boxes and cabinet doors, however, metals such as stainless steel, and a newer material ThermoFoil (PVC) are becoming more and more popular. We've constructed a list of the most popular factors regarding the different styles of cabinetry:

  • Traditional finishes such as painting or staining of natural wood, as well as glazing, laminates, veneer and polyester.
  • Design examples of recessed panels, raised, flat, and beadboard panel.
  • Drawer choices; full extension, track and roller, ball bearing, wooden slides and more.
  • Common storage accessories and add-ons such as baskets, bins, and drawer organizers.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Options and Considerations

If your kitchen cabinets are looking worn, or if you're tired of the colors, you have several cabinet refacing options. You can give your kitchen a fresh look with minimum materials and a weekend's worth of work. How much you spend depends on you.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Simply stated, cabinet refacing is refinishing or resurfacing the cabinet doors and/or the cabinet box fa├žade. When refacing your kitchen cabinets, you have three choices: replace the doors with new finished ones, replace the doors with unfinished doors and finish them yourself, or re-veneer or repaint the existing cabinet boxes and doors. You need to weigh the costs and benefits of each method to determine which is best for your budget and desired outcome.

Do it Yourself or Hire a Cabinet Refacing Contractor?

Looking at the options above, you can see some options lend themselves more to the do-it-yourselfer, and others may require the expertise of a professional cabinet refacing company. Just about any fairly competent homeowner can repaint or replace, but you might want to leave re-veneering to the professionals.

Finish Off Your Cabinet Refacing Project With New Hardware

The finishing touch on any cabinet refacing project is the hardware. Select new hinges, handles, and drawer pulls that will complement your new cabinet colors and door design. This final decorative detail is often overlooked, but it can mean the difference between a ho-hum cabinet refacing project and a terrific one.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional cabinet refacing contractor, your refinished cabinets can give your kitchen a new, fresh look. If you're selling your home in the near future, this is one project that can help you get an excellent return on your investment.

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