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I just wanna share a bit about the survey that we did for our kitchen cabinet.. I think we did our survey at almost 12 places, forgot already.. I'll review one by one later on.. What i can say is, some of them are quite expensive but reasonable with their services and products, some are so so and some are cheap but then i doubt with their quality.. Looking at their showroom, I can tell the quality and finishing is not that good..

  • Kian Classic - We went there during the HOMEDEC exhibition.. The price for local solid surface was cheap, very cheap I think compared to other places (RM120 per foot run).. Can save a lot there.. For the cabinet's price itself, for me it is reasonable.. We asked the quotation for the high gloss material, and the price is not that expensive.. But, I received few comments mentioned that their services and workmanship is bad..
  • ALDO Kitchen - I love their services.. Eventho it is quite expensive compared to others, but it is all bcoz of they are using a good material.. They use the aluminum skirting, undermount kitchen and blum softclose (imported one, which is knowingly very good brand).. And, they did give us free sink and tap.. For those who didn't have any budget constraint, I would suggest this.. :)
  • LAVENDER Kitchen - The price is almost the same as Kian Classic but without the soft close.. So, expensive la kan?? Haha.. No need to tell more coz we've already rejected this one once we went out from the store..
  • CLS Kitchen - This one is also good coz they're having a promotion now where they give you granite countertop and skirting.. So, for those who are looking for the cheap granite countertop, you can consider this one.. It is cheaper compared to others as we did ask for the L Shape and tall unit quotation.. The price comes together with the soft close, sink and tap.. However, they just have the spraypaint material which I dun like the glitters inside it.. The wardrobe also cheap.. you can check the promo at their website..
  • MAMA Kitchen - This one.. Hurm~ It is too expensive!! Not that nice but so damn expensive!! No need to consider this one.. hahaha..
  • Milano Kitchen - Thanks to Deco Bersama Eric coz I know this Milano Kitchen from that tv series.. haha.. It is located at The Strand, Kota Damansara.. It is not that expensive for the high gloss material.. It is just that they dun have so much promo and no freebies.. So, put aside first.. hahaha..
  • Masterpiece Kitchen - This one is cheap for the melamine material.. But then, they dun have any warranty and it comes directly from the factory.. They can install at your place within 3 days.. So fast huh?? But, I doubt with their workmanship.. And, btw they dun have any high gloss or arcylic material..
  • Incube Kitchen - The finishing and workmanship is very good.. Reasonable price.. And, for those who are looking for Semangkok material, you can consider this one as the price are very cheap compared to other places..
  • Reliance Home - Same price as others but they just have the spraypaint material.. I dun like the glitters inside, it is too bling2.. hahaha.. But, they do have other materials.. You can check them out too!!
  • Jenshen Kitchen - Way too expensive!! No no for me!!
  • DFormat Kitchen - Standard price.. Love to see their showroom.. And, they're now having promotions on their display units.. Check them out at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara..
  • SCI Kitchen - Reasonable price.. They have what we want.. And we're considering to take this one.. Still thinking on what to do for our deposits at Kian Classic tho.. Haha.. Owh, they're having promotions for the wardrobe and other materials, forgot already.. You can check them out at their website..
Huh~ banyak jugak actually kiteorg survey.. hehe.. If u want the exact price for each quotation that I asked, you can email me at ... That's all for now.. I'll share on furniture and curtain hunting in the next entry yea~.. :)

Kitchen Cabinet Hunting ~ My Beautiful & Lovely Life
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Kitchen Cabinet Hunting ~ My Beautiful & Lovely Life
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